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This application requires javascript
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Create fully degradable HTML5 forms in minutes. Each form has client-side and server-side (php) validation logic built in.
Controls Use the buttons on the left to add fields to your form
Field Settings Clicking the edit icon (while hovering over a field) will bring up the field settings dialog. Use this dialog to set all the field properties, including label, name, and validation rules
Preview Mode This will enable "preview mode" so you can test the validation rules for your form
Download Form Click to download your form. You can choose to view the resulting code or download a zip
Clear Form The clear button will remove all existing fields from the form

Please do the following :
1. Please make sure you have entered the correct email address in the $to address.
2. Please check your spam folder.
3. Please make sure your host allows you to send mail via php and supports the mail() function.
4. Please submit the form again and check the console (firebug for firefox, chrome, safari, or ie9) to see if you are getting a php error.

The sample form uses the basic mail() function, which is built into php. Nothing fancy. If you've entered your email address correctly and you aren't getting any errors then the email will be sent.